Friday, 21 September 2012

My Favourite Blog's!

As I have done a favourite YouTuber's post I thought why not do a favourite Blogger's post?!

I will say I'm more into watching YouTube than reading through blogs but recently have been finding youtubers blogs and getting more into it through that, so most bloggers I follow also have YouTube :)

This is only MY opinion and my personal view about certain blogs.

Sprinkle of Glitter
Louise is one of my favourite YouTuber's so when I found out she had a Blog I was straight there! I have been following her since the beginning of her Youtube channel's so to read back over her blog was quite nice as it goes further into detail about her life. She has an ADORABLE little girl named Darcy (or Baby Glitter!) and a husband named Matt. Louise is also a good friend of my other favourite beauty YouTuber Zoella which is the next name down :) Her blogs are literally about everything life/baby/beauty related and is such a good read! Please pop along to Louise's page and also her main YouTube channel if you'd like to check that out too :)

As well as Louise, I have followed Zoe on YouTube for a long long time and, again, never thought to check out her blog. Zoe's blog is mostly on fashion and beauty but lately more about days out and different adventures related to her blog/youtube account. Zoe is a huge inspiration to me and lots more girls out there as she speaks openly about her struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. Speaking for her readers/viewers, I think she is a lot stronger than she thinks and she shows this through her beautiful writing of her posts along with how creative she is with her photography. Go and visit her blog you won't regret it! also her youtube channel:

Beauty Crush
Sammi's blog I would say is more professional. By this I mean that it is more focused on the beauty and fashion side of things and not her life. This doesn't mean I don't like it as much, it's the best place to go for a fashion/make-up read! the photography she uploads is also amazing and she does have a great eye for the latest fashion trends :) go visit her blog and youtube channel here:

The Style Diet
I recently found the Saccone-Joly's on YouTube (as previously mentioned in my favourite YouTubers post) and immediately fell in love with them. So when I found out Anna had her own blog I was really excited to get reading :) She also has a personal youtube channel devoted to style diet. Her blog mainly consists of fashion, beauty, and life but most recently about their gorgeous new born little girl Emilia! Anna works very hard on her blog (and youtube channel) and provides a great deal of fashion and beauty advice for us girls aswell as being gorgeous herself! Please go and visit her blog you will not be dissapointed! also her personal youtube channel:

Thanks for reading! Please let me know some other cool blogs! xxxx


  1. i love louise's and zoe's blogs too :) xx

  2. we appear to have the same taste in blogs :)
    i just followed you!

  3. I love Louise's, Zoe's, and Sammi's too! I'll have I go check out the other one!! :)


  4. We follow the same blogs haha!

  5. I've never heard of Beauty Crush but ahhh I love Anna's, Zoe's and Louise's videos!
    I love watching the 'I'm pregnant' video on Louise's youtube! It's just so cute :)

  6. I love all of their youtube videos but I'm now going to have to follow The Style Diet! xxx