Sunday, 25 November 2012

Autumn nail colours and my first encounter with Essie!

Hello bloggers!

Again, I apologize for not posting a lot recently but I have been busy busy busy!

This autumn's nail colours have revolved around dark burgundy's and plum colours and I have been searching for what seems like forever for the perfect colour that lasts and doesn't look too dark (almost black) in different lights. I work in fashion retail so my nail varnish has a hard time staying on throughout a normal day.

I have tried so many colours, but finally I found one that, so far, is my favourite! I'd heard about Essie nail polishes through YouTube and blogs but always thought "7.99? For a nail polish? Really?" But seriously, it is so worth it! I took a stroll into Boots earlier this week and my eyes instantly hooked onto this colour, and the price tag didn't matter anymore. So the colour is..

'Carry On' by Essie

What's your favorite autumn nail colour?


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Benefit Brows

As you all know through reading my previous posts, I am a new fan of Benefit Cosmetics.

I previously purchased the Benefit 'Instant Brow Pencil' (see post here) but found that I used it up so quickly! I found that I was sharpening it every time I was applying it which was definitely not worth the money and effort.

So after scraping the last remains from the pencil, and with my eyebrows looking very bare, I set of to my nearest Benefit counter in search of help. My Benefit is situated in a Debenhams (Large department store) and I, like a lot of people, are quite put off by the make up counters in stores like this as they seem to be very persistent and 'in-your-face'. This experience however changed my view completely.

I approached a girl holding leaflets to the edge of the counter and explained my problem, and she was so helpful! She sat me down and went through the 'brow mapping' technique which was very helpful to see face to face. She also understandably tried to sell me a few more products and I left there with a face full of makeup done ha! but I unfortunately only budgeted for a new brow product.

This is where the 'Brow Zings' kit came in:

This kit is so easy to use and defiantly (after 2 weeks of using it) does not run out fast. The darker colour to the left is a wax to set the brows into shape (not a colour), and the right a brown colour for overlaying onto the brows to outline and fill in the shape. It also comes with two brushes and little mini tweezers which I think are adorable!

Please try this if you are in need of a new brow kit! It'll be worth it I promise.