Saturday, 16 March 2013

Daisy limited addition by Marc Jacobs - Perfume Review!

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I'd post about my new purchase of the Daisy perfume from Marc Jacobs. I like to visit Debenhams for beauty products recently because I have one of their reward/points cards for makeup/hair products etc, so building points up is a bonus :)

I have wanted a new perfume for a while now and never really felt satisfied on spending a small amount on a fragrance because I knew it wasn't going to last well and smell as good. So I visited Debenhams and dragged my boyfriend around to test all the perfumes. I have to say that the bottle and packaging of a perfume is a very big part for me and I have always had my eye on the floral packaging that Marc Jacobs perfumes have.

It says that it is the limited edition which explains the bright packaging compared to the usual Daisy bottle which is gold and white. I'm not the best at describing smells, but I would say that the perfume is very floral - like the bottle, and not too over powering but enough to wear of an evening as well as day time.

So here it is, Daisy by Marc Jacobs - £48

Pop into your local perfume shop and have a whiff!

What do you normal go for in perfumes? Does the packaging/marketing attract you as much as the smell?



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New shoes! (Vans)

Hello my bloggers - after a very long break ..(again!)

I have been busy busy busy working non stop and finally got round to writing a post again and hope to keep it up (fingers crossed!)
Anyway, I have had my eyes on this pair of Van's for a while now but always thought that the whole Van's style wouldn't suit me. But after trying them on I fell deeper in love with them and had to purchase! They are a black shoe with leopard print (LOVE!) so I had to buy them. They were £56.99 which is a lot for a shoe but I know they will last through the summer too.


Have a look at them HERE and let me know what you think :) too edgy? or what could they be styled with?

Much love, please let me know if you follow so I can come have a look at your blog too!