Thursday, 27 September 2012

Victoria's Secret review

I recently went to Westfield, Stratford shopping centre and visited the new Victoria's Secret shop! I have never been to one of their shops before as there hasn't been one near enough to me, but I have to say it was amazing. The store itself is huge and the attention to detail with displays etc is really surreal as it is set out like dressing rooms with big lighting and individual tables for perfumes and drawers for underwear etc.

At first people think that VS is all about underwear, but their beauty and clothes ranges are amazing! They have their own beauty lines and online sell clothes from loads of brands such as UGG and Love Pink. Here's what I think of some of their fragrances:

(The website is only in US Dollars & I can't remember the offer in the UK store sorry!)

'Dazzling Kiss' Body Mist

I bought this fragrance because of the sweet smell. I don't like perfumes that are too fruity, I like to smell fresh but not like a piece of pineapple. I love the packaging of this too, it may sound silly but it matters when it's on display in my bedroom and pink matches :) I definitely recommend this scent!

'Strawberries & Champagne' Body Mist
Amongst the people I know who purchase these fragrances, almost all of them get this one! I however don't really agree. I don't smell the alike-ness to strawberries and champagne, I don't think it even smells as sweet or fruity as strawberries so I'm not sure why it is so appealing. Then again, the packaging is pink.. :)

'Aqua Kiss' Body Mist
I love this scent. It's very 'fresh' and nor fruity or sweet. It sort of smells like a deodrant kind of smell. Quite plain yet still is noticeable. I don't think that this scent is as popular but I can see why people would prefer a more neutral kind of scent instead of a heavily perfumed smell.

Have you tried any fragrances/perfumes at Victoria's Secret? and what was your shopping experience like?


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Soap and Glory Finds

Soap and Glory are an amazing bath and shower based range that have recently branched out into makeup products too. Here are a few of my favorites at the moment:

'Arch de Triumph' Eyebrow Pencil

I recently posted about the Benefit 'Instant Brow Pencil' which I recently purchased. The pencil seemed to be used up very quickly as it is only tiny. So I was out looking for another eyebrow pencil to have a try of and came along this. It only comes in one colour, a sort of one colour suits all, and also has the highlight end which the Benefit one did not. I hope this lasts longer than the benefit one!

'Breakfast Scrub' Body Scrub

This is by far the best smelling body scrub EVER. You almost have to stop yourself from eating it - it's that good. If your not the type of person that likes too sweet smells then it may not be best for you to be constantly sticking your nose in and taking a strong whiff as it can be strong, but trust me, it's good. I like to use this during a bath because the excess oils get into the bath water and sink into your skin making it even smoother.

'Hand Food'  Hand Cream

This also smells as good as the breakfast scrub but is more marshmallow-y than sugary. This is great to keep in my handbag as well as the gel below. It's always nice to use after I've painted my nails if they're getting a bit dry around the edge. I definitely recommend this as it's nice and compact and really helps to keep your hands moisturized.

'Hand Maid' Hand Cleansing Gel

I think it just runs in the line of all of the Soap and Glory products but this also smells gorgeous. I sometimes just find myself using it because of the smell! I also keep this in my handbag or car just in case I need it. I definitely prefer this to any own brand etc.

Let me know what purchases you've made at Soap and Glory!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Nails!

My love for nail varnish and nail art has become more of an obsession over the past few months. I've dug out a few photo's from my phone of my recent nail designs, hope you like :)

What designs do you like? leave me your blog in the comments so I can see some of your nails pictures!


Monday, 24 September 2012

My Latest Finds at Benefit Cosmetics!

Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco

I myself have never been too interested in the products from Benefit. This was mainly due to their pricing yet I always knew it'd be worth it for the quality of the makeup. Getting older and gaining a job meant having more £££'s to spend on things I wanted to on such as make up products. Here are a few of my latest purchases:

'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' Brightening Foundation
Price: £24.50

hello flawless oxygen wow!
I have spent a long time trying to find the right foundation for my skin. Having very oily patches around my T zone and chin area, I find that heavy/oil foundations seem to flood my skin and sink in too much causing quite large breakouts. This foundation however claimed to be 'Oil Free' and contain SPF 25 so I decided to give it a try (after deliberation of course, it was pricey compared to what I'd usually pay!). After using it for a few weeks now I am very happy with the quality. The liquid itself is not thick at all, which I love, and the colour seems to be a perfect match and not too orange! I will say because of how thin the liquid is (almost watered down) it does get used quite quickly. I would definitely recommend this foundation to someone with oily skin as it doesn't add layers upon layers on top of what is probably already damaged skin. It also removes very well showing that it does not sink into the skin too much.

'Instant Brow Pencil' 

instant brow pencil
I have never properly tried a brow pencil so when browsing through benefits collection in store, I thought I'd give it a go :) The pencil itself get used very fast. It is however high quality yet needs to be sharpened ALOT. The shaping brush end is really the same as any standard eyebrow shaper so isn't anything special. I think £14 is the right price for this product as it is very high quality for the price your paying yet will be used up very quickly.

'They're Real!' Mascara
Price: £18.50

they're real! mascara

Having heard about this mascara for a long time, I knew I wanted to purchase it. Just before my birthday earlier this month I heard about Benefit's latest offer of 'They're Real! Anniversary Set' (shown below):

they're real! anniversary set
Where you get a full size and travel size mascara for the normal price of one! So I asked and received it as a gift for my birthday. I highly recommend this mascara as it is the best I have tried in a long while. It gives great length as well as volume and the travel size is great to pop into your travel makeup bag for a day out!

Check out the benefit cosmetics website here:

Let me know what you have purchased at benefit!


Friday, 21 September 2012

My Favourite Blog's!

As I have done a favourite YouTuber's post I thought why not do a favourite Blogger's post?!

I will say I'm more into watching YouTube than reading through blogs but recently have been finding youtubers blogs and getting more into it through that, so most bloggers I follow also have YouTube :)

This is only MY opinion and my personal view about certain blogs.

Sprinkle of Glitter
Louise is one of my favourite YouTuber's so when I found out she had a Blog I was straight there! I have been following her since the beginning of her Youtube channel's so to read back over her blog was quite nice as it goes further into detail about her life. She has an ADORABLE little girl named Darcy (or Baby Glitter!) and a husband named Matt. Louise is also a good friend of my other favourite beauty YouTuber Zoella which is the next name down :) Her blogs are literally about everything life/baby/beauty related and is such a good read! Please pop along to Louise's page and also her main YouTube channel if you'd like to check that out too :)

As well as Louise, I have followed Zoe on YouTube for a long long time and, again, never thought to check out her blog. Zoe's blog is mostly on fashion and beauty but lately more about days out and different adventures related to her blog/youtube account. Zoe is a huge inspiration to me and lots more girls out there as she speaks openly about her struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. Speaking for her readers/viewers, I think she is a lot stronger than she thinks and she shows this through her beautiful writing of her posts along with how creative she is with her photography. Go and visit her blog you won't regret it! also her youtube channel:

Beauty Crush
Sammi's blog I would say is more professional. By this I mean that it is more focused on the beauty and fashion side of things and not her life. This doesn't mean I don't like it as much, it's the best place to go for a fashion/make-up read! the photography she uploads is also amazing and she does have a great eye for the latest fashion trends :) go visit her blog and youtube channel here:

The Style Diet
I recently found the Saccone-Joly's on YouTube (as previously mentioned in my favourite YouTubers post) and immediately fell in love with them. So when I found out Anna had her own blog I was really excited to get reading :) She also has a personal youtube channel devoted to style diet. Her blog mainly consists of fashion, beauty, and life but most recently about their gorgeous new born little girl Emilia! Anna works very hard on her blog (and youtube channel) and provides a great deal of fashion and beauty advice for us girls aswell as being gorgeous herself! Please go and visit her blog you will not be dissapointed! also her personal youtube channel:

Thanks for reading! Please let me know some other cool blogs! xxxx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Favourite 'YouTubers'!

Hi everyone :) I thought I'd write a post on what YouTubers I watch the most. I like finding out who watches who and why etc and decided I'd write this to share with everyone my thoughts on my favourite channels to watch :)

This is only MY opinion and my personal view about certain channels.

When I first stumbled across the world of YouTube it was mainly because of my love for beauty so therefore came across certain fashion/beauty channels and began to be linked to even more. My first proper subscription was to Kandee Johnson as I loved how crazy her videos were and that she doesn't care anymore what people think about her, she just inspires others.

I then began to wander into Vlog channels and general 'chit-chat' style videos. This is where I found the likes of the Shaytards and the CTFXC who both do daily vlogs. Since then, I have caught hold of many many more beauty 'gurus' and vlog channels and couldn't imagine not watching them anymore!

My current subscriptions on YouTube:

Now for a few thoughts about my favourites :) (in no particular order..!)

The ShayTards: 
The Shaytards is a channel run by Shay Butler that uploads a new video everyday recording everyday of his family's life. This channel is one of my favourites. I watch their vlogs daily and almost feel like a part of their life. I love that they're so real and that really they're just a normal family living everyday but filming it for thousands of people to watch. I also watch the rest of Shays channels (Shayloss etc). I think that Shay is a very inspirational person and through his years of vlogging has influenced a great load of people. He also has the cutest kids ever! One of my favourite videos of theirs has to be when 'RockTard' was born, so here it is for you all :)


The CTFXC is owned by Charles and Alli Trippy, recently married (Nov 11). They make daily vlogs of their everyday lives. As much as I love this channel, I found myself not watching as often when Charles goes away with his band 'We The Kings'. This is just because I enjoy watching the couple together and it's harder to keep up with when Alli's vlogging from home and Charles is moving around all over the place. I did however once stop watching for about two weeks straight, strangely, this was when Charles had a bad turn and ended up needing brain surgery. I then decided to carry on watching as it was for the good of his health ha! I love how much fun they have and also their two dogs, Zoe and Marley, c-u-t-e! There wedding video was AMAZING but I think the proposal tops everything :) here it is for you - go and check out their channel too!


The SacconeJoly's:
Run by Johnathan and Anna SacconeJoly. Daily vlogs and general fun videos to watch! This channel is (can I say it?) my favourite at the moment. I haven't been watching these vlogs for that long but always had an interest in Anna's separate style channel. I love how they act as a couple and as I write this they are two days over due with their baby Emilia! I can't wait to see them be parents. They also own their own (house full!) of dogs/puppies :) they are adorable. Ofcourse I watch the videos they make elsewhere such as the baby vlogs etc and am a keen reader of Anna's blog! :) Heres my favourite video of theirs (another proposal!):

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nails, nails, nails!

I, like a lot of people, LOVE nail art. It's amazing to look at and there are so many different ways to decorate your nails. Here are a few that I've stumbled across:

(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images)

(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images) 
(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images)
(Courtesy of Google Images)
What ones do you like the best? As you can probably tell, I'm a tad obsessed with Leopard print (and Hello Kitty!) xxxxxx