Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer sort-out!

Hi everyone :)
Today I thought I'd write a post about a spring clean but summer style! Summer is always when I decide that I need a clean out of old clothes, old makeup, and generally a good tidy up!
Obviously with clothing it is down to moving winter/heavier clothes out of the wardrobe and buying (maybe too many, oops!) new summer clothes to replace them. I found some inexpensive plastic drawers that are really easy to put together and folded away the clothes I won't be using for the next few months. I then placed the set of drawers into my wardrobe so as well as being hidden away, looks quite tidy underneath my hanging clothes. As you can see below, I also bought a smaller set of the drawers which I keep my non hanging, lighter summer clothes in.
Now onto makeup, which really is similar to clothing! With me, it's a case of putting away the heavier/darker shades of products and bringing out more BB creams and lighter (not in colour, in weight) foundation/concealer. I also am loving individual false lashes at the moment. It's so easy to do at home and they stay on for weeks. This is a good tip for if you're going away on holiday as you don't have to keep applying mascara each morning.
Next I like to re-organise my bedroom. I do hope I'm not alone on this one! Anytime I get a chance, I'm buying new bedding or new decoration for my room, it's addictive! I still live at home with my parents so this room is like my house and I like to treat it well. Recently my latest purchase is an over due one of a dressing table. I say dressing table, it's a makeup/hair station but also is home to my computer where I type this from now. Below is a little snap shot of how I have organised one part.
Please let me know how you like to re organise for summer, I'd love to hear some of your tips!