Monday, 21 July 2014

My Summer Scent - Miss Dior Perfume

Hey everyone!
I love to browse around the perfume section at this time of year because there are so many new summery scents! I usually go for quite a floral scent, possibly sweet smelling but not too overpowering.
This time, I popped into Boots with no idea what I was looking for - apart from that I was in need for a new perfume as mine had run out the night before! After a long long time spent in Boots constantly smelling different perfumes (and nearly losing the sense to smell! Anyone else get that? When you're smelling scents for so long they all just smell the same?) anyway, I came across the Dior section.
I tested a few in the Dior range and to be honest, yes, they are quite pricey! I eventually fell in love with the new scent in their range called 'Miss Dior'. Strangely, the scent is not very floral smelling but it is sweet enough for me to like and not too strong.
After having this perfume for a little while now I can say it was definitely the right one to purchase! Plus the smell lasts very well so there is no need to constantly go and 'top up' wasting the perfume!
Let me know if you have a particular perfume you're loving this summer! and have you tried this one yet?
Thanks for reading!


  1. This perfume smells great!! I also love the look of the bottle:)