Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New shoes! (Vans)

Hello my bloggers - after a very long break ..(again!)

I have been busy busy busy working non stop and finally got round to writing a post again and hope to keep it up (fingers crossed!)
Anyway, I have had my eyes on this pair of Van's for a while now but always thought that the whole Van's style wouldn't suit me. But after trying them on I fell deeper in love with them and had to purchase! They are a black shoe with leopard print (LOVE!) so I had to buy them. They were £56.99 which is a lot for a shoe but I know they will last through the summer too.


Have a look at them HERE and let me know what you think :) too edgy? or what could they be styled with?

Much love, please let me know if you follow so I can come have a look at your blog too!




  1. Oh my goodness, I remember wanting these for a while too haha! Thank you for the lovely comment left on my blog(: now following you, you can follow back if you wish